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巴關對合一的聲明影片之中文譯稿分享/ Naeemah Ya-ya翻譯


Statement of SRI BHAGAVAN  


Dear Friends,  


I, Bhagavan, in deep distress and pain have to break this sad news to you.  

Krishna, the 3 senior guides (Anandagiri, Samadarshini and Vimalakeerthi) and the

overseas guides have broken away from the Oneness Movement.


Krishna克里須納(巴關的兒子) 和三位資深指導老師Anandagiri(阿南達吉里),



They have neither sort my permission nor do they have my blessings and have

done this against my wishes. While claiming to be with Amma Bhagavan, they are

doing things not in line with our thinking. This is a grave set back for our mission

of 2012.




What Amma Bhagavan want are the following:


1. All courses must be made either free or charged only to the extent of covering

the expenses. The movement should not make any profit through its courses

or any of its activities. Money and spirituality do not go well together and

eventually ONENESS would be destroyed.




2. The Oneness Trainers must themselves be trained to conduct the Living in

Oneness programmes and the Lever.1 and Level.2 programmes in their

respective countries. The senior guides and the other guides must only be

involved in training the trainers and not conducting the courses themselves.

All the remittances collected should only be shared between the trainers and

their local body in order to promote the work. No part of it should go to any

other boy or used for personal benefit. This would prevent it from becoming

a money making Cult.






3. Anybody wanting to meet us should have direct access to us and there should

be no intermediaries and conditions attached. People should have easy and

free access to us. This way we could help them grow rapidly.




4. After the passing away of Amma Bhagavan, there should neither be a successor

nor successors and no organized spiritual structure left behind. This would

prevent it from becoming another CULT. Let ONENESS live in the hearts of

millions of people and not in an organized structure of hierarchies. Man has

been repeating this mistake time and again.





5. Our vision has always been to set man totally and unconditionally free. Let

not ONENESS yet again bind millions of people through its structures, through

its hierarchies and through moneymaking activities.



Help me to keep this vision alive.





11/19巴關與瑞典視訊會議原稿-part 1分享


我累了 先翻出重點

Bhagavan, can you tell us a little bit about the current situation?

巴關 請問現況

First of all, it’s the first time I’m doing this kind of a conference call, I’m just amazed at this technology, because I’ve never been exposed to this! The question is what is the current situation? The current situation is Krishna came and met me and they were saying that what they were doing was good for the movement, but I could not agree with that and my stand remains unchanged. So they feel that what they are doing is good for the movement. I could not see it like that. So my stand continues to be the same. That is the current situation.

Krishna來見我 說他們在作的對合一是好的

但我不同意 我的立場沒有改變



Bhagavan, there are some people in the south of Sweden who are having a prep course for 50 – 60 people, the Oneness Experience course, in a few weeks. What do you think we should do about the fee, should it be for free or should they charge?


我們該收費嗎 怎麼收

First thing is, when they do these courses, there must not be any videos. People could understand and digest the contents in the videos, make it their own based on their life experiences, and it should become their truth and from that they must talk. If it’s only a video, it is speech, it is not ??. ?? has a special power of transforming people and that must come from the person who’s talking there, that is the live person who is conducting the course, he must base it on his life experience, he must discover that and he must talk. So I would say that there should be no videos. That is the first thing.

首先 這些課程不應用DVD

講師應自己消化其內容 以自己的體驗 讓它變成自己的東西 自己的實相


如果用DVD 那變成只是演講


The second thing is, with regards to the fees, I would say it is left to the discretion of the trainer. Suppose he goes to a poor locality, where people can not afford, he might have to do it free. Suppose he goes to a place where people can afford, he must fix such charges whereby it will meet all his expenses. And sometimes he can also charge more for his own survival. That depends on the person who’s conducting the course. I want the person to have the freedom. Not Oneness SPICULATING? Conditions. Oneness’s job is just to train people and let them go. They have to be on their own. They can organize themselves if they want to. What rules they want to form is their business. We as a body here should, we not interfere in these matters.

其次 講師可自行決定收多少費用

如果他去一個貧窮的地方 他可能不收費




Our only job is to keep training people and finally fade out from the scene, because we are a group of monks and monks should not prey on significance or power or anything for that matter. Monks should actually fade away after it’s work is done. Our work is only training the trainers, that’s all. It’s not that we should come there, we should conduct our courses. That way the local place will never really develop. Unless the local people do the courses themselves, they organize things for themselves without any outside interference, the dharma or the movement can not grow.


因為我們是僧團 僧侶不應追求金錢或名聲

我們祇應訓練講師而已 不是自己去開課 否則當地永遠不能成長

除非當地人自己開課 不受外界干預 否則這個法或合一運動不會成長

I have seen people from around the world who have taken oneness principles, adapted them, and do wonderful courses. I have been pointing out this and said, “to be in tune with oneness, the trainer must have complete freedom”. The trainer must not be restricted by a video or instructions from the headquarters. No. And regarding the fee structure, it’s only general guidance. Keep it free or charge enough so that you meet your expenses. And in case you’re a full-timer who’s dependent on that, then charge to the extent that you can survive. It should not be a means to become a wealthy person or this or that. It should be a means for survival, that is all.

我看到很多人採取了合一教導 開很棒的課程



至於收費 我們只是建議你以上原則

如果你是全職講師 讓你的收費可以維持你所需 但不是要靠它賺大錢


And as the monks are concerned, they are not to go out and do courses. If they do, the local people will not grow, will not flourish. So their job is only to train and then quietly and anonymously leave the scene. This has been a tradition in India. There have been hundreds of great thinkers and spiritual giants who are the founders of hinduism, but nobody knows their names, nobody knows where they lived. They just gave their teachings and then they became anonymous and faded away from the scene. That has been the tradition and Oneness also has the same principles: fade away from the scene. Otherwise it is going to become a cult, it will start controlling people in various ways and it will be creating more trouble to the world than good.




這是印度的傳統 合一也有這樣的原則:退隱

否則它會變成一個宗教 開始以各種方式控制人們 給世界帶來的壞處多過好處

As we see all these religions, what are they doing? They are causing more harm than good. And we’ll be adding one more to this whole list of cults and groups and religions. So I do not want that to happen. I want to see it dissolve in my lifetime, when I am healthy and strong, not when I become old. I want to have a set timetable for this and for me the timetable is 2014. In 2014 we should cease to exist. This is my stand. This has always been my stand. It is not a new stand. It has always been my stand. There used to be a big board in Satyaloka, in Jeevashram, at the entrance, which said, “This place exists to set man totally and unconditionally free”. That has been my life. I have been working for that. How could I move away from that? But of lately, I see things are moving in that direction, where “Oneness” is becoming like a structure. The “O” is a capital letter, I don’t know why it’s a capital letter, which means it’s an institution in itself. These are principles, it cannot be an institutition. And it can not be a controlling body. Oneness is a set of principles, like mathematics, chemistry and biology – that’s all. That can not be institutionalized. This is my stand.

我希望我還健在時 合一運動就消融 而不是等我老朽後


那時 我們就應該消聲匿跡

這是我的立場 一直都是 沒變過


"這裡的存在是為了要讓人完全 無條件的解脫"


但最近 我發現事情往反方向走

合一變成一個體系 “O”變成大寫的


它是一套原則 就像數學 化學與生物學而已

它不能變成一個控制人的體系 這是我的立場


11/19巴關與瑞典視訊會議原稿 part 2(end)分享

星期日 17:13

Please continue.


According to the guides who have now stepped out of the order, so to speak, they will continue just like before. Please give us some clarification for that.


Let us say that you are running Bofors company. You are the boss of Bofors and you appoint a manager for Bofors in South america. Then after some time he makes some changes and he claims that he is the owner of Bofors. Would you agree to that?




Same thing here. They have been sent out as monks, my monks, to do some particular work and come back. Now you are not a monk anymore. You do not represent me anymore. So what right have you to continue the work? You have left me. You are not in the order. This work is supposed to be done by monks. You are no more a monk. You’re a normal person and you have gone out there as my representative to do my

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